Saturday, June 27, 2015

OrientDB's lack of transparency

Some people have described my previous post as bearing hate and I'd like to clarify that the tone is disappointment. I'm still using OrientDB and I would very much like that all major issues get fixed. OrientDB's success would make my life much easier as it would save me from migrating our data.

With that out of the way, the Orient Technologies CEO has partially replied to my earlier post in 5 Wonderful Years on Github -- Thanks to the Community!, below is my counter reply.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Why you should avoid OrientDB

Up until now I've been a silent bystander regarding constant OrientDB issues but recent events changed my mind and I've decided to intervene so others can learn from my experience.

TL;DR: OrientDB is like a book with a great cover and some interesting first chapters but once you reach the middle of the book you realize you've been mistaken and it's not all it promises to be. If you don't want to read the whole story scroll down to the conclusion. (if you don't read the whole post please refrain from posting comments).

3rd quarter of 2014: decision to use OrientDB

In the end of Q3 2014 my team agreed a graphDB would be a perfect fit for a new project and we started evaluating options. OrientDB came up on top in terms of features and because of its permissive license. Investigating a little bit deeper revealed a few stability issues (for example: Continual frustration with OrientDB durability and "With 1.7.x, they [issues] have been mostly around stability") but we thought v2.0 would fix all these issues... We've done a proof of concept, all looked good and we jumped with both feet adopting OrientDB. This would be a decision we would later regret. Below is a timeline of events and issues that changed our mind about the product.

Friday, June 19, 2015

About OrientDB Leaks

Lets start with what OrientDB Leaks is not. OrientDB Leaks is not about announcing upcoming features nor is a rumor website. And OrientDB Leaks has no affiliation with Orient Technologies.

OrientDB Leaks is about people's experiences in using OrientDB, namely negative experiences. It provides a medium that is not moderated by OrientDB where people can honestly share their experiences. Unfortunately, in the past, less positive messages have been deleted from OrientDB issues at Github. Here that won't happen.

Who am I and why don't I reveal my identity? I am an OrientDB user who has used the product for more than half year. Many people like myself can't share their identity due to professional and career reasons. That, however, does not change the veracity of what's written here and I'll do my best effort to substantiate all my statements.

With all this said I invite you to read my story about the OrientDB issues that made us give up.

Do you have a story you'd like to share about OrientDB? You can do it publicly or anonymously, just drop me a line.

-- a disgruntled OrientDB user