Saturday, June 27, 2015

OrientDB's lack of transparency

Some people have described my previous post as bearing hate and I'd like to clarify that the tone is disappointment. I'm still using OrientDB and I would very much like that all major issues get fixed. OrientDB's success would make my life much easier as it would save me from migrating our data.

With that out of the way, the Orient Technologies CEO has partially replied to my earlier post in 5 Wonderful Years on Github -- Thanks to the Community!, below is my counter reply.

A few days ago, a “disgruntled” anonymous user and advocate of a competing product created multiple brand-new accounts on GitHub/Twitter/HackerNews/etc. He seems to be on a mission to spread his negative feelings about OrientDB and me personally retweeting his blog to happy OrientDB users and to the world. This is very unfortunate.
I'll break this into smaller chunks and go one by one:

a “disgruntled” anonymous user
I'm not proud but I can't reveal my identity at this point. Still I am indeed a disgruntled OrientDB user and everything I write is legitimate and represents my real thoughts supported with evidence.

advocate of a competing product
This is false and I invite the Orient Technologies CEO to read my article and tweets and substantiate such claims. The few times other competing products were mentioned was in quotes and links. Those represent the opinions of those who wrote them, not mine. Currently my team is using OrientDB and we haven't (yet) studied alternatives.

created multiple brand-new accounts on GitHub/Twitter/HackerNews/etc.
This is true and nobody is hiding it, the reason is merely to divulge my opinions about OrientDB and participate in related discussions.

Not sure where the assumption of me being a "He" comes from.

seems to be on a mission to spread his negative feelings about OrientDB
If by negative feelings he means facts backed by quotes, screenshots and links then he is correct otherwise this is false. This has nothing to do with feelings but with honesty and transparency.

and me personally
No personal matters have been brought up and the Orient Technologies CEO is always referenced by me as such, without mentioning his name. All commentary regarding his person is done in regards to his capacity as CEO.

retweeting his blog
True, unfortunately the twitter accounts @OrientDB (and @lgarulli) have blocked @orientdb_leaks:
You are blocked from following @OrientDB
You are blocked from following @lgarulli
If not the below tweet would have probably sufficed to share my message across and start a constructive debate. Since the OrientDB team does not welcome open discussion, retweeting (4 times) was unavoidable.

to happy OrientDB users and to the world.
The happy OrientDB users and the world have the right to know transactions over binary protocol were broken until v2.0.6 and that they may still be, or that OrientDB servers up until v2.0.9 are vulnerable to attacks, among other issues previously exposed.

I’ve read his suggestions and am taking his feedback seriously and in a constructive way to make OrientDB even better. Stability and performance are our priority and our code contributions are going in that direction. We have 2,869 test cases in our product and we’re adding more daily. 
My message had a positive effect and my efforts were worth it.
Unfortunately 2,869 test cases have not proven to be enough. I'd also like to see links for automated builds in their GitHub README. I expect OrientDB to have such, I expect these builds to run the tests, I expect them to run such builds on every Pull Request and expect to see test coverage results.

Since OrientDB is new technology, we encourage all clients to work directly with the OrientDB team. [...]
OrientDB is not that new, only 1 year younger than MongoDB (this is not an endorsement).

However, we don’t allow disrespectful language or offensive remarks, as this does not contribute to creating great software.
If this is still in reference to my blog post again I invite the Orient Technologies CEO to substantiate his claims. Unless he considers grounded criticism to be offensive.

Going forward, please submit your feedback regarding the product within Github or in the community forum.
Why limiting OrientDB discussions to channels where the OrientDB team can moderate (lock, modify and delete content)? What's wrong with discussing OrientDB in open channels such as twitter, HackerNews, reddit or anywhere else? In this OrientDB team shows a double standard: tweets praising OrientDB are welcomed and re-tweeted while other feedback should be submitted to channels under their control.


The good: the Orient Technologies CEO takes my feedback seriously and constructively and will address stability and performance issues.

The bad: OrientDB does not advocate transparency and encourages users to submit feedback only through channels controlled by them.

The ugly: the Orient Technologies CEO makes unsubstantiated and deceitful remarks about me and my intentions, this suggests the marketing gimmicks exposed in my previous post won't stop.

I've said in HackerNews and reddit and I'll repeat it here: I don’t want to give the wrong idea, I still believe OrientDB has great ideas and it’s somewhat a flawed diamond. Unfortunately the flaws lie in the project management, developing methodology and testing practices. Unless these change I don’t see OrientDB becoming the rock solid database every database should be.

-- a disgruntled OrientDB user

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