Sunday, May 8, 2016

Gartner Recognizes OrientDB in 2015 Magic Quadrant but...

I've been laying low as neither me or my team have been actively developing anything with OrientDB hence there hasn't been much to report. But recently I've come across an e-mail from an OrientDB Leaks' reader which I can't ignore so here's the gist.

Back in October 2015 Orient Technologies published an article titled Gartner Recognizes Orient Technologies in 2015 Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management System which, as usual, paints a very positive picture of OrientDB. The aforementioned reader gave me access to Gartner's complete report (for paying customers) and in it they refer the following caution about OrientDB:

Support, documentation and bugs: Orient received one of the lowest scores in our survey for support and documentation. Furthermore, a high percentage of its reference customers cited bugs in its software as a problem.

In other words OrientDB's reference customers confirm my criticism.

This report was published 7 months ago and if you are wondering if it's still relevant today I invite you to check OrientDB's 1210 Open Issues, from which 377 are bugs:

OrientDB Bugs and Issues
OrientDB Bugs

Orient Technologies seems busier giving t-shirts for tweets than fixing bugs.

OrientDB's bug count wasn't the only thing getting worse, their latest test coverage shows 55% line coverage which is lower than 07/09/2015's 58% LOC.

People occasionally ask me if my opinion about OrientDB has changed over time. Because I have avoided using it I can't comment on recent versions but from the above, and from their newsfeed, they still seem too focused in marketing and new features.

Last but not least, a big thanks to the anonymous reader who sent me Gartner's report.

UPDATE 1: as @CoDEmanX has observed you can access Gartner's report at
UPDATE 2: OrientDB v2.2 was released (9 months behind schedule) and as usual the OrientDB team created a fake account, alphatech, to promote it on HackerNews.

-- a disgruntled OrientDB user

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